30 Social Media Caption Ideas for Small Business Owners – Freebie!

Social Media Caption Ideas
  1. […] These questions are a great way to increase engagement on your social media, but again, you don’t want to make the mistake of ONLY asking questions to prompt engagement. Questions work best when they are used sporadically, mixed in with other conversational prompts. If you need additional ideas for social media prompts that increase engagement, read my post and download my free guide, 30 Social Media Caption Ideas for Small Business Owners. […]

  2. […] When you send an email to your list or post on social media, be sure that you provide USEFUL content. Useful content does one of three things: it educates, entertains, or engages. I call this the 3E Strategy. It ensures that your content and captions are relevant and useful to your readers and your audience. It helps guide you in creating engaging content that you can email and post that will not come across as a smarmy sales tactic. You can read more about the 3E Strategy here. […]

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